My name's Chris Forrence, and I'm a Software Engineer in Atlanta. In my spare time, I enjoy live-coding and gardening. Check my open-source projects on GitHub or GitLab, and follow my thoughts on Twitter!
I also play a variety of games on Twitch!

Let's get started.

I've had a passion for computers since my early years. I remember finding "101 BASIC Computer Games" at a book sale in Baltimore when I was 7 and learning about BASIC. When I was 14, I started learning a bit of C so that I could make patches to a game I enjoyed.

This passion followed and guided me to Georgia Tech and to its Computer Science department. Through Python and Smalltalk, Assembly and C, algorithms and object-oriented design, my college courses kept reaffirming my love for software. I also realized the following:

— "An application can do amazing things, but if no one can use it, it's completely useless." —

With this realization, I switched from my focus on platforms (low-level computing) and began to focus on people: the most important component of software.

I am still passionate about finding answers for people. Outside of work, I created a web-based application for the Georgia Tech Marching Band, so that directors and staff assistants can perform administrative tasks to manage the ~350 students in the band. When a property management company needed to be able to manage special offers for their properties, I created a small application for them to do such. I'm active on Stack Overflow, a question-and-answer site for programmers, and am currently in the top 5% in terms of reputation gained.

My goal is to make a real and positive impact on the world.

Let's get started.