My name's Chris Forrence, and I'm a Software Engineer in Atlanta. In my spare time, I enjoy live-coding and gardening. Check my open-source projects on GitHub or GitLab, and follow my thoughts on Twitter!
I also play a variety of games on Twitch!

Your Privacy

What do I know?

Because of Fathom (affiliated link), I get a sense of the following information:

  • How many folks visited my site,
  • How they got to my site,
  • What pages folks visit,
  • What devices and browsers folks use, and
  • A general sense of where folks are located (at a city/state/country level, not at an individual address)

What do I use that information for?

Frankly, I don't use this information too much aside from "oh, that's interesting" reactions. If I see a spike in folks visiting with a particular browser/device combination, I'll check to make sure that the site renders properly for that combination. I do NOT sell or share that information to anyone else!